Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hello Europe!

Welcome to the blog of our "Travelling Towards Multicultural Europe" project. 

Logo created by the Turkish school
The countries involved in the project are Spain, Poland, Greece, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland and England).

Over the course of the project, the schools from each country will collaborate and share work on a common theme. We will follow the itinerary of someone travelling from one partner country to the next. Many different forms of transport will be employed, such as train, boat, hot-air balloon and aeroplane. 

Each school will talk about the history of their chosen form of transport and describe its current and historical importance in their country. 

They will also compare life and culture in the partner countries, and say what things are similar and what things are different. 


Representatives from each country, with the exception of Turkey unfortunately, recently met in Belfast at Botanic Primary School. Everyone had a wonderful time looking around the school, meeting the staff and children and seeing some of the amazing things Belfast has to offer. The visiting teachers were really lucky to be able to go to Stormont, the government buildings, where they had a delicious dinner with one of the junior ministers. They also visited the Titanic Experience, which was fascinating.

The teachers then travelled to Blackpool, where they were treated to a performance of a "Harvest Festival" by the infant children, as well as an assembly about the town by the Year 5s at Stanley Primary School. Everyone enjoyed experiencing the iconic Blackpool Tower and the Zoo

The schools involved in the project have been busy this past week voting on a mascot to represent the project. Everyone has their own favourite mascot and we're all excited to find out the result!

Here are the (potential) mascots!

Have a closer look at the candidates here:

Which one is your favourite?

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